About Me

Hi. I’m Daniel Anthony Dellechiaie, but everyone calls me Dan.

I am a recent graduate of Boston University’s journalism program. I also got a minor in philosophy. So I guess I’m good at asking questions.

I started my college career by studying politics and economics and law and government at American University but ending up spending most of my time reading novels and writing about literature. 

I transferred to Boston University and wrote about politics and campus culture for a year. Then 2016 happened and politics turned into theater. Really bad theater. 

So I decided to follow my interests and write about pop culture. While I mainly write about books I’m also interested in music and movies.

While a lot of people view art as an unnecessary distraction or diversion, I believe it’s one of the few things that has kept society from descending into a brutish animal kingdom where people communicate with clubs. 

I am a slow writer. I like to think things out and hold back my judgments until I feel they are strong enough. 

I don’t know where art is going to be in the next fifty years but I’m excited to be there to write about it.

I don’t have an artistic philosophy or list of criteria but I do believe that art should surprise you, should show you something new or put something old in a new light, should entertain you but also make you think, and, ultimately, art should change the way you live in the world. And arts criticism is one way of guiding you towards a better life full of good art. 

A British Lord once told me that my work would change the world. I disagreed with him at first. But now I think he might have had a point.