No, Not that Stormy: Review of "The Storm"

“The Storm” By Tomás González Translated from the Spanish by Andrea Rosenberg 174 pp. Archipelago Books. $16. “The Storm” is a short, dry but occasionally gripping novel about what happens when a storm tests the already strained ties of familial and economic relationships during 24 hours in a Columbian vacation destination. Twin brothers Mario and Javier and their father are going fishing to catch food … Continue reading No, Not that Stormy: Review of "The Storm"

"Horsemen of the Sands" Review

“Horsemen of the Sands” By Leonid Yuzefovich Translated from the Russian by Marian Schwartz 232p. Archipelago Books. $16 Sometimes it’s better to just stick with appetizers instead of gorging an entree. The appetizers’ size allows (forces) you to manage how much you are eating. Plus the flavor doesn’t grow bland by the fourth bite since there are only two or three bites max. Also the … Continue reading "Horsemen of the Sands" Review